How to Put on Huggies Diapers

With so many things to worry about when taking care of an infant, such as feeding him properly, protecting his head, coaxing him to sleep and burping, changing the diaper seems like one of the simpler although tedious tasks. However, if you've never changed a diaper before, it is not as easy at it seems. You can easily put a diaper on backwards if you don't know which way the front is. For novices, Huggies diapers have graphics on the front of them so you won't get confused.

Lay your baby down on a flat and firm surface, such as a changing table if you have one. If not, any anchored flat surface with items out of the baby's reach will do. If the baby is older, a small toy in her hand will keep her distracted so she won't wiggle around too much. Singing or talking to the baby also keeps her distracted.

Unfasten the adhesive straps on either side to open the soiled diaper. Hold the infant's ankles together in one hand and lift up so his bottom is not touching the diaper. Wipe the baby's bottom and genital areas. Keep the old diaper under him in case he ends up pottying again while you are wiping.

Apply any powder or creams as necessary. With the baby's bottom still in the air, apply any diaper rash ointment to the affected areas 2. Gently sprinkle baby powder in your hand, and pat it on your baby's bottom as well.

Open a clean Huggies diaper so the fasteners are in the back and the graphic is in the front. Slide the old diaper out, and quickly slide the new diaper underneath the baby.

Pull the front of the diaper between the baby's legs, and try to even it with the back 2. Peel back the fastener tabs, and wrap them firmly over the front of the diaper where all the colorful graphics are. Fasten the side closest to you first, and then roll the baby forward toward you to fasten the other side for a snug fit. If you need to adjust the baby's diaper, lift the fasteners and reposition them anywhere on the graphics as many times as needed, as Huggies diapers are easily refastened 2.


Keep one hand on the baby at all times to minimize wiggling and for her safety.

Change the baby often to prevent and ease diaper rash.


Never leave a baby unattended on a changing table.