How to Prevent BornFree Baby Bottle Nipples From Collapsing

Knowing how to prevent BornFree baby bottle nipples from collapsing could save you money and frustration. If your baby has been unable to drink from his bottle because of a collapsing nipple, you may be surprised to learn that the nipple is usually not the cause of the problem. Before you spend money on a replacement nipple, investigate other methods to prevent your BornFree baby bottle nipples from collapsing.

Verify that the baby bottle collar is not screwed on too tightly. If the bottle collar is too tight, pressure builds up inside the baby bottle, creating a vacuum. This pressure causes BornFree nipples to collapse. Slowly loosen the bottle collar until you see bubbles in the milk or infant formula as your baby drinks. Bubbles indicate that the venting system is working, and this should resolve the collapsing nipple problem.

Press the BornFree silicone vent and plastic vent cover tightly together when you are assembling the baby bottle. If the two pieces do not fit snugly together, the bottle nipple may collapse.

Check to see whether the nipple size is appropriate for your infant’s age. If you’ve been using BornFree bottles without any issues and have only recently experienced collapsing nipples, your baby may have outgrown the nipple. Change to a larger size, as aggressive feeding can cause the BornFree nipples to collapse.

Switch to a larger nipple size if you add infant cereal to the formula or breast milk. Thick liquid can interfere with the venting system and result in a collapsing nipple.

Make sure the vent on the BornFree bottle is allowing air to pass through. Squeeze the translucent vent, and observe whether the small slit opens easily. BornFree uses medical-grade silicone that can tend to stick. If the vent does not open, contact BornFree’s customer service department at 877-999-2676. A representative will walk you through similar troubleshooting steps; once you explain that the vent does not open, you can request a replacement.