Preschool Superhero Games

The desire to play superhero games is natural for preschoolers.

Preschoolers are aged three to six and highly imaginative. At this age children begin to make sense of the world they see around them. PreschoolEducation notes that this is a time they begin to understand the struggle of good vs. evil, which explains an attraction to superheroes at this age. Games related to superhero characters is a means to stimulate creative thought and physical play for preschool-age children.

Super Learning

Leaning is fun when it involves online games with characters like WordGirl and Super Grover at PBS Kids. The interactive learning games reinforce reading, math and other educational skills on the preschool level. Children get audio encouragement while playing and winning virtual prizes. MarvelKids provides a number of online games suitable for preschoolers such as the Ironman Armored Popper. This memory matching game is great for developing hand-eye coordination. For online games, parents need to assist the preschooler with game selections, reading and demonstrations of how to play

Super Senses

A simple do-it-yourself preschool superhero game suggested by Coolest-Kid-Birthday-Party-Games is X-ray Vision. You can call it Spidey Sense for little Spider-Man fans. Parents or teachers fill a box with a variety of everyday items. While wearing a blindfold, the preschooler pulls an item out of the box. Using only their senses of touch, smell and hearing; the children attempt to identify the unseen objects.

Hero Match-up

On 18 index cards, paste two pictures each of nine different superheroes to create a custom memory matching game. Lay the cards out face down. Have the preschooler turns over two cards at a time to reveal the superheroes. The goal is for the child to remember where he or she saw the identical superheroes. Once two matches have been found, move the cards to the side in a stack, until all the cards have been matched. A variation on this same game is to paste images of nine different superheroes and images of each one's arch enemy on the 18 cards. In this version of the game, the preschooler matches the hero to his or her nemesis.

Follow Flash

AmazingMoms recommends a variation on the traditional game of Follow the Leader for a group of preschoolers. A parent or teacher supplies a red hat decorated with a lightning bolt to represent Flash, the superhero with super-speed capabilities. The preschoolers take turns wearing the hat for an allotted time period. The child wearing the hat leads the group through a series of physical actions such as running, jumping, flapping arms, dancing and more.

Kryptonite Toss

Kryptonite Toss is a simple game that uses a small green ball and bucket or other container to serve as the planet Krypton. The goal is for the preschooler to toss the Kryptonite into the planet. Each time the child scores, scoot the planet a little farther away to increase the difficulty.