Pins & Needles During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes major changes 2. Aside from weight gain and nausea, there's a variety of other symptoms that a woman may experience when she is about to have a baby. Many women experience feelings of pins and needles in their extremities. As the foetus grows, some signs become more intense.


Pins and needles can be described as numbness or tingling pain. Some say it feels like a mild, prickly sensation or an intense itch. It can also feel like a stabbing pain. The area may feel tight and swollen, which can make movement difficult. It's generally localised and limited to a specific part of the body. Many people experience this feeling during the night, and sometimes the pain interrupts sleep.


This feeling is caused by pressure on nerves. As a woman's body grows, blood volume increases, and tissues swell. Fluid accumulates in wrists and ankles. As this happens, it puts pressure on surrounding nerves, causing pain. It can also occur as the uterus grows and displaces internal organs, which press on the surrounding areas. Sometimes the added stress on the pelvis causes back pain, which may lead to a bulging or herniated disc.


This sensation can be felt anywhere in the body, but it generally occurs in the arms and legs. Pins and needles can occur in the hands, which may be due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Nerves are trapped in the wrist, which causes pain to radiate through the palm and fingers. It can also occur when the sciatic nerve is pinched by the additional weight and location of nearby organs. This causes pain to shoot down the leg.


Wrist splints can help position wrists to relieve nerve pressure. Proper posture can also help free pinched nerves, which will provide relief. Try not to sleep with your hands under your head or body. Lying on your side with your hips flexed may help release a trapped sciatic nerve. Chiropractic adjustment or massage may help reduce pain. The ultimate remedy for pregnancy-induced pins and needles is giving birth 2. Pain will dissipate as your body returns to its pre-pregnancy state 2.


If you choose spinal manipulation or massage to treat this symptom, be sure you find a practitioner who has experience treating pregnant women. Chiropractic treatment can be harmful to a foetus if not done correctly. If this feeling is accompanied by intense headaches, dizziness or vomiting, see your health care practitioner.