Nutrition arts & crafts for kids

Arts and crafts involving nutrition are a creative way to teach kids about healthy food and how to make healthy food choices 1. Hands on activities encourage children to think about the foods they eat and how it affects their health and bodies. Create art projects that will keep children interested in learning more and inspire them to continue healthy eating habits.

Paper Plate Meals

Children learn a lot from helping plan healthy meals. Provide the children with magazines and instruct them to cut out pictures of healthy foods. Each child can then glue the pictures on to paper plates to create a healthy meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Healthy Sandwich

Children can design their own healthy paper sandwiches. Depending on the age of the children, provide them with pre-cut pieces of construction paper or instruct them on how to do it. Use brown oval shapes for buns, green paper for lettuce, yellow for cheese, white for onion, red for tomato and pink for ham. Also give the children unhealthy choices such as dark brown paper cut into the shape of chocolate chips or give them cotton balls for marshmallows. Instruct the children that they are to assemble a nutritious sandwich by gluing healthy pieces together.

Fruit Baskets

Have children make their own healthy fruit basket by giving each child a pre-cut basket made of brown construction paper or craft foam. Instruct the children to cut out fruit shapes using yellow, red, green, purple and orange construction paper. Each child can paste the fruits into the basket. For some added fun have the children draw faces on the fruit.

Healthy Food Bookmarks

Bookmarks are fun to create and give as gifts. Children can make healthy food shaped bookmarks by drawing healthy foods onto heavy white paper. The children can then colour the bookmark and design each one by drawing faces on them or gluing on items such as googly eyes.

Food Pyramid

Creating a food pyramid teaches children to make the right food choices. Give each child a blank food pyramid on a piece of white construction paper. Children can draw pictures of food or cut out pictures in magazines and glue the pictures on the correct section of the pyramid.

Healthy Recipe Book

Ask each child to have his parent provide several healthy recipes they are willing to share. Copy each recipe on a photo copy machine and glue them onto 4 1/4 by 5 1/2-inch pieces of paper. Have the children cut out coloured craft foam in shapes of healthy food and glue them on to a piece of 8 1/2 by 11-inch craft foam that has been cut in half. Once the glue has dried, place the recipes between the two pieces of craft foam and punch two or three holes along the top or side with a hole-puncher. Have the children pull a piece of yarn through each hole and tie it securely in place to hold the recipe book together.