Newborn Formulas for Babies Suffering From Straining & Constipation

Newborns can suffer from constipation for several reasons. If you've been breastfeeding and have just switched to formula, that may be a cause of constipation as your baby's system adjusts. She may also become constipated if she has been drinking less than usual. In some cases, you won't know why your newborn is constipated. Sometimes, a change in formula can help your baby who is constipated and has been straining with bowel movements. However, it's very important that you never switch formula types without speaking to your baby's doctor first and getting a specific recommendation for your child. In addition to formula changes, Mayo Clinic suggests several other things that may help a constipated baby, such as offering small amounts of water or juice, with your doctor's approval, and applying a tiny amount of water based lubricant to your baby's anus to make bowel movements easier.


Nutramigen is an infant formula for babies from birth to 12 months. It is put out by Enfamil and is one of a line of formulas designed to treat specific digestive issues. Nutramigen is especially helpful for babies who are having tummy trouble due to a milk allergy or the possibility of a milk allergy. Nutramigen is available in a liquid ready-to-use form or powdered formula.

Good Start

Nestle Good Start is another popular formula helpful for babies with stomach issues such as constipation or trouble digesting formula. Good Start contains "comfort" proteins, which are very good for sensitive tummies. What this means is that the proteins in the formula are already partially broken down so your baby's digestive system doesn't have to do as much work. This can be helpful for babies who strain and are constipated 1. Good Start is available in many areas only in powdered form; liquid form is available, but you may have to special order it.

Similac Advance

Another popular formula brand is Similac, and Similac Advance formula is touted as being easier on little bellies. Similac can be given from birth to a year old. However, once again, remember to check with your doctor before switching formula types or brands. Similac Advance is available in powder or liquid forms.

Gentle Ease

Gentle Ease is another variation on the Enfamil line. This is specifically made for sensitive stomachs and is more gentle than traditional Enfamil infant formula. Gentle Ease is available in ready-made liquid and powdered varieties and can be used from birth to a year old.