Memory Books Ideas

There are so many reasons to create a memory book 1. They can be used to remember special trips or school projects. They can commemorate family milestones and help remember loved ones lost. For any theme you decide on, choose a way to compile the book that accentuates your design theme.


Memory books can create memories using more than just photos. Use your child's artwork to create a memory book of the year's progress and creativity 1. Newlyweds would appreciate a memory book of the cards and well wishes given to them through their engagement and wedding 1. Travel memory books might use pictures from the trip along with components of the location map, tickets and brochures. A memory book may also be a nice idea when a special one has passed away to soothe someone who is in mourning 1. These themes and others are made more special when you put some time into the design of the memory.


How the pages are laid out will help tell a story about the memory. If you are using your child's artwork, a great design idea is to use the art as a matting for a picture. Choose a picture that corresponds with the same time frame in which the art was created.

Sepia or aged-paper techniques can make a memorial book to tell the rich history of someone who has died. Layering old photos with new photos ties generations together.

If you toured Europe by train, train station hubs or maps help describe the location where each picture was taken and invite the book viewer to take the journey with you.


Memory books can be compiled in a variety of methods. You can use a scrapbooking method and compile it page by page. Print-on-demand companies can make a professionally bound book for minimal cost. You take the memories and create the design and layout through a desktop publishing program. You provide a PDF to the printer and order the number of copies you want. This is a great solution if more than one person would truly appreciate the memories such as siblings, parents and grandparents. Another idea is to not even use a book, but to create a memory catalogue that organises photos or cards based on categories such as Valentine's Cards or holiday presents 1.