Making Learning Math Facts Fun for Older Teens

No matter how old your children are, learning or re-learning math can boost their math confidence. Older teens might not agree that they need a brushup on their math fact skills, but regularly practicing math facts in enjoyable ways can help them connect what they review with what they are learning in higher level math classes. Math facts stay the same. Memorizing them and keeping them fresh can make a big difference for older teens moving through high-school math courses.

IPad Apps

Using math iPad apps takes an already-familiar tool and makes math-fact learning fun. IPad apps incorporate the basics of math facts but present them to students in effective ways. Games such as Math Ninja HD by Razeware LLC and ArithmeTick Math Flash Cards by Pomegranate Apps might seem like a child’s game, but using these types of apps with older teens gives them an enjoyable way to relearn and review math facts in just a few minutes each day.

Board Games

Board games such as Yahtzee and Monopoly are ways for older teens to learn or improve their math-fact skills. Yahtzee uses dice combinations to get certain point levels. Some rolls require addition and others require multiplication, so it’s an appropriate, practical and fun way to review math facts. Monopoly uses the exchange of money to purchase properties as players move around the board. From reading numbers on cards, paying taxes and charging rent on properties, this game reviews each of the four categories of math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is best to use the standard version rather than the newer version that employs a debit card to increase the opportunities to do math facts mentally.

Computer Games

Several math computer games available that can make math-fact learning and reviewing fun even for the older teen. Math Blaster and Jumpstart Middle School by Knowledge Adventure challenges players in exciting ways while reviewing math facts 5. Although these games are intended for elementary to middle school students, older teens can enjoy reviewing math facts with these fun, familiar characters.

Math Websites

Math website provides a safe and interactive learning environment where older teens can brush up on their math skills in entertaining ways. Cool Math offers not only math-fact practice, but also offers teens review exercises in pre-algebra, algebra, pre-calculus and calculus. Fun Brain offers math-fact practice and comic books, reading games and a just-for-fun arcade 6.