How to Make a Chore Chart With a Cork Board

By Barbie Carpenter
A push pin and bulletin board can keep track of your child's chores.
A push pin and bulletin board can keep track of your child's chores.

Picking up toys, making the bed and brushing her teeth might not be your child's idea of a good time. However, regular chores ensure that every family member -- even the youngest ones -- contribute to your household. If getting your child to commit to her chores has become a battle, a chore chart can make the process a bit more organized and a bit less agonizing -- for both of you. Get your child in on the chore-chart-building fun to boost her interest in these everyday tasks.

Create a list of the chores you want to include on the chart. Consider household tasks such as cleaning the room or making the bed as well as personal tasks such as taking a bath and brushing the teeth and hair.

Divide the bulletin board into eight columns using electrical tape. Look for electrical tape in your child's favorite color. Label the far left column "Chores" and the remaining seven columns by the day of the week. You can use adhesive letters to apply directly to the bulletin board for column titles. Alternatively, you can print the column titles out on your computer or write them on a sheet of construction paper and affix them to the bulletin board using a push pin.

Count the number of chores on your chore list, and divide the bulletin board into the appropriate number of rows, again using electrical tape. In the "Chores" column, list each chore in a separate row, again using adhesive letters, computer printouts or handwritten slips of paper.

Decide how you want to check off each day's chore. You can find decorative push pins in a variety of shapes and sizes, and your child can place a push pin in the corresponding box when he completes the chore every day. Alternatively, place a sheet of construction paper in each box, and allow your child to affix a sticker or place a check mark on the paper when the chore is complete.

Things You Will Need

  • Bulletin board
  • Electrical tape
  • Adhesive letters
  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Push pins
  • Stickers


At the week's end, remove the push pin or paper slips from the seven daily columns so that your child can start tracking chores again. If the chores change over time, simply replace one chore with another in the far left "Chores" column.

To encourage your child to complete her chores, add an incentive for a full chart at the end of the week. A sticker book, trip to the playground or favorite meal can ease her into completing these daily tasks.

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