The Life of a Dedicated Muslim Teenager

Teens face a lot of changes in their body and emotions, and temptations and peer pressure are increasingly prevalent at this age. Parents who follow the teachings of Islam should help their teens remain loyal to the doctrines of Allah. Carefully guide your teenagers through this critical stage of growth.

Controlling Desires

Temptations and peer pressure can influence your teen to commit sins, according to Islam, and to give in to negative desires. Teach teenagers to sacrifice their selfish desires and temptations in order to be an appropriate role model for fellow Muslims. Sara Latif of Effective Islam Parenting suggests that parents keep their teens away from drugs and alcohol by instilling in teenagers’ minds that their life is a gift from Allah 7. Teach them to be grateful for every aspect of life. Encourage teens to spend an appropriate amount of time in acts of worship, be obedient to Allah and seek guidance through Islam when selfish desires arise.

The Muslim Community

A Muslim teenager’s main responsibilities are to defend the Islam faith and contribute to the advancement of the Muslim “Ummah,” or community. Abdisalam Adam, board member with the Islamic Civic Society of America, suggests that you frequently tell your teens about the story of Muhammad’s migration, which exemplifies how youths have selflessly contributed to the success of the Islamic message. Encourage teenagers to develop courage and foresight in helping to shape the future of the community and nation by promoting Islam 3.

Staying in the Right Path

Spending time in the wrong environment can cause teens to pull away from the teachings of Islam 3. Teach your teenager to be constantly aware of their surroundings and how it could negatively affect their faith. Support your child to develop healthy friendships with their peers. Their friends should be willing to help in difficult times and strengthen your teen’s commitment to Allah. Avoid spending too much time with kids who encourage deceit, jealously, envy and sin.

Upholding Good Qualities

A Muslim teenager’s life should be spent on finding the paths of righteousness, according to Maria Zain, a Muslim mother of three who lives in Malaysia and writes at Faith in Allah is most important. Instill the importance of dedicating your life to applying Islamic principles in all daily tasks, no matter how trivial. A Muslim teen who possesses these qualities will grow to be an honorable adult in the community of Islam 3.

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