What Kind of Food Can I Feed My 7 Month Old?

By the time your baby is 7 months old, both of you are probably growing tired of the breast milk or formula and baby cereal routine. Luckily, a 7-month-old baby is ready to expand his culinary world. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends introducing new foods to babies between 4 and 6 months of age. So, assuming your child has done well sampling pureed foods up until this point, your 7-month-old is the perfect age to eat a variety of fare. Just be sure to check with your pediatrician first.

Fruits and Yogurt

You may find that your baby most enjoys eating pureed fruits and yogurt around 7 months of age. Peaches, apples and pears are often among an infant's favorite fare. HealthyChildren.org recommends introducing one fruit at a time and then waiting two to three days before offering another new food 2. That way, you will know for sure that your sweetheart can tolerate it. With your doctor's permission, you can also offer yogurt at this point. Your pediatrician will most likely suggest feeding baby a yogurt made with whole milk specially formulated for infants.

Veggie Train

"Choo, choo! Here come the peas!" You may have heard that introducing baby to pureed veggies before fruits is the way to go. After all, if your little one has never tried yummy, sweet pureed peaches he doesn't know what he's missing! HealthyChildren.org points out that there is actually no evidence to suggest that you should tempt your tot with veggies before fruits 2. The most important thing is that you introduce one food at a time -- no apples with sweet potatoes until he has tried each food individually first. Make sure your baby does not have any sort of allergic reaction to a single food first before mixing it up, then go for it! Indeed, your 7-month-old can likely try a wide variety of pureed veggie and fruit combinations.

Meat of the Matter

Some parents may not know that by 7 months of age, babies are ready to try pureed foods made with meat. After your hungry honey has successfully sampled a variety of fruits and veggies, consider introducing him to foods that include turkey, chicken or beef. Foods that incorporate meat are especially beneficial for breastfed babies, because as HealthyChildren.org notes, this food source provides easier absorption of essential vitamins like zinc and iron 2.

Menu Staples

At 7 months of age, your baby will still be eating breast milk or formula as part of his daily diet. Talk to your doctor about how much and how often your suckling sweetie will take the breast or bottle as the volume of milk changes with the introduction of other foods. Another menu item you should still incorporate at this stage is baby cereal, perhaps for breakfast, which you can mix with breast milk or formula and perhaps pureed fruit as well.

Foods to Avoid

At 7 months of age, your baby is not quite ready to take on table food, according to KidsHealth.org, so do not feed your tot any foods that are not pureed at this stage 1. Wait until he is at least 9 months old to introduce any textures he will need to mash with his gums. And be sure to check with your pediatrician to determine your baby's readiness for the next level in his dietary exploration.