Juvenile Boot Camps in Oklahoma

If your teen is defiant, hard to control or just in need of a strong authority figure, a juvenile boot camp in Oklahoma might be a good option These camps are designed for angry, out-of-control teenagers. They will work with your child and instill a level of respect and appropriate handling of authority.

White River Academy

White River Academy (WRA) is a therapeutic boarding school that teaches kids how to be accountable and responsible for their actions 1. WRA is an alternative school for troubled teens, focusing on permanent lifestyle changes in all areas of the teen's life, such as:

  • physical
  • social
  • mental
  • emotional aspects

This academy will turn your child around and provide him with the skills needed for a successful life.

The Family Compass

The Family Compass offers a wide variety of programs to get your child back on track. A private girl school for ages 13 through 17 and two different programs for troubled boys ages 12 through 17. The Family Compass believes the core issues need to be found first, and then appropriate steps can be taken to modify or completely remove the issue(s). These programs are for improving low self-esteem in children, help for children with certain behavior disorders and to help children understand the real reason that causes them to act out.

The Family Compass 1-866-490-3666 thefamilycompass.com

Teen Boot Camps

Teen Boot Camps teach discipline, structure and reform. Offering services that are more diverse, this allows the Teen Boot Camps to effectively work with a wide range of troubled teens. For example, many of these schools offer therapy, counseling and seminars to help teens learn the root cause of the problems in their lives. The schools combine these options, along with the military-type structure that produces long-term change in the troubled teen's behavior and attitude. After completion of the program, your teen should be respectful, attentive and mindful.

Teen Boot Camps Office of Juvenile Affairs P.O. Box 268812 3812 North Santa Fe, Suite 400 Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8812 405-530-2928 teenbootcamps.com