Juvenile Boot Camps in North Carolina

Whether juveniles have already made the wrong choices and gotten into trouble with the law, or are on the cusp of becoming delinquents, there are boot camps that may be able to help them. North Carolina has state run boot camps that may be mandated for juvenile delinquents. However, there are voluntary boot camps as well. Each program varies in length. Your child's situation will determine which boot camp is most appropriate.

About Face

About Face Youth Camp focuses on teaching children to appreciate their home life by providing campers with spartan living accommodations and bare necessities. Campers must wear uniforms, they cannot bring personal entertainment or electronics, they are served simple food and sleep in tents. Simple rewards are provided when they behave properly. The program is not a government boot camp and is designed to correct the behavior of troubled children before they become juvenile delinquents. Counselors, who have previously worked in government facilities, utilize a military camp style. Weekend, week and summer programs are available. The camp accepts boys and girls ages 8 to 17 and prices range from $1,250 to $5,000, depending on the time of year and the length of the stay. A three day in-home camp option is also available. About Face does not accept children who are not residing with parents or guardians. Additionally, youth with bipolar or occupational defiance disorders are not accepted, to ensure that all campers remain safe throughout the program.

About Face Youth Camp 5786 New Way Home Road Connelly Springs, NC 28612 828-244-1872 https://www.aboutfacebootcamp.com/

Impact East

Impact East is a state funded boot camp. Participants are court-ordered to attend and the government usually pays for their stay. Participants live on-site and the program is designed for males 16 to 30 years old. Residents perform low-wage work for the government and also have the opportunity to complete classes. Many students pass their high school equivalency tests by the end of their stay, which ranges from 81 to 120 days depending on the judge's recommendation. A 15-month post program may be required.

Impact East P.O. Box 211 Hoffman, North Carolina 28347 910- 281-5156

Impact West

Impact West is another state operated boot camp in North Carolina. Participant selection is court-mandated and residents stay on-site for 81 to 120 days depending on the judge's mandate. Following the residential stay, a post duration program is required for 18 months. Participants are between 16 and 30 years old. Impact West requires residents to perform work for the state at minimum wage, take classes and live in a disciplined military style environment.

Impact West P.O. Box 2668 Morganton, North Carolina 28680 828- 439-2319

Tarheel Challenge Academy

Tarheel Challenge Academy is a military style program designed for teenage dropouts and expelled students. Youth are accepted free of charge and it is a voluntary program which does not require participants to join the military. The program is divided into two parts and includes on-site living in a military type setting for five and a half months, followed by a year of mentoring. The program is affiliated with the North Carolina National Guard. Participants in the program are between 16 and 19 years old. The program is strictly regimented and incorporates education, life skills and rigorous fitness.

Tarheel Challenge Academy ATTN: RPM Department 600 North Main Street Salemburg, NC 28385 910-525-5520 800-573-9966 https://www.ngycp.org/site/node/13