Jobs for Kids That Pay Money

For children looking for an opportunity to make some money, there are several ways for them to add to their allowance and gain work experience 1. Having a job teaches them responsibility and the value of a dollar by having to work for it. There are a range of opportunities for kids that don't require a work permit but do involve some parental support geared towards kids aged 10 to 16.


Babysitting is a great way to show responsibility and dependability 2. Kids can start by asking their immediate neighbors if they need a babysitter, keeping the job close to home in case mom or dad needs to run over and assist if something unexpected crops up. Babysitting typically involves feeding and playing with the children, perhaps helping them with their homework then getting them to bed on time 2. Most local community centers offer courses in babysitting that cover CPR certification and basic first aid 2.

Yard Work

Working outdoors is a productive way for kids to make money 1. For the spring and summer months, children can water plants and pull weeds. During the fall and winter, children can rake leaves and shovel snow. After becoming skilled around their own homes, children can ask their neighbors for work, perhaps mowing lawns and cleaning rain gutters.

Garage Sale

When your child complains that he has nothing new to play with, suggest he clean out his toy chest and closet then hold a garage sale. This is a great way to get some spring cleaning done because your child will start looking for ways he can increase his product line and will generally have to do some cleaning to get more items. Garage sales usually take a few hours of preparation and can attract many locals seeking cheap deals. Have your child do all the tagging of items as well as signage to attract customers. If it's a hot day, sell lemonade and baked goods as well.

Lemonade Stand

Popular for the creativity involved in this job experience, lemonade stands can be a fun way for your child to make money--possibly converting it into a hot chocolate stand in the winter. The trick to this job involves setting up the stand in an area with many people, perhaps close to a park or popular hiking trail. In addition to lemonade, the child can make arts and crafts or baked goods as other items to sell.

Car Washing

Car washes are popular with many local schools as fundraisers. However, they do take some planning, from gathering a group of students to locating a populated area with a space for cars and available water (along with the permission of the property owner). Either asking for a donation or a set fee, from $5 to $20, the kids can find their way quickly towards making extra money.

Pet and House Sitting

For neighbors with pets who want them at home while they're away rather than in an impersonal kennel, pet sitting can offer some entrepreneurial opportunities for a child. This job may involve having the pet live with the child or simply visiting the pet a few times a day to provide water, food, some exercise and companionship. Or a neighbor may have some prized orchids that need watering as well as mail and newspapers to be brought in that can easily be done by a responsible child.