Jobs for Kids Ages 9-12

Children between the ages of 9 and 12 are not old enough to be hired for a traditional job, yet kids this age often desire to earn money to spend on items they would like to buy 12. Ambitious children can use their skills and talents to do jobs for neighbors or family members that can earn them a few dollars to spend on electronics, a movie ticket, or some other coveted item.

Pet Care

Some children have a natural affection for pets. Many families spend long days away from the house because of work and other activities, yet still have pets at home that need to be taken care of. Children can help by taking pets for walks, feeding them, giving them water, or entertaining lonely pets for a little while after school. Many families that travel out of town need pet care, and having someone take care of their pets in their homes, or the child's home, may be preferable to kennel care.

Child Care

Children this age may not be able to take care of younger kids independently, but they can still be a big help to parents that need to get some work done at home. A child can work as a helper who keeps a close eye on younger children, plays with them, and helps them with meals while a parent is close by and able to step in if assistance is needed.

Outdoor Work

An ambitious child can make some extra money if he is willing to work hard on outdoor jobs. Yards require upkeep, and friends and neighbors are often willing to pay children for their help. Cleaning a car, inside and out, is another outdoor job that many people may hire a child to do 1.

Indoor Helpers

The great outdoors is not for everyone, so a child can help with indoor work as well. Light cleaning, such as:

  • dusting
  • vacuuming,
  • taking out garbage
  • can be useful to busy families

Senior citizens may need assistance with cleaning out closets, sorting items, answering emails, or wrapping gifts.

Using Talents

Children between the ages of 9 and 12 usually have developed an interest in certain activities. Their talents in these areas can often be turned into opportunities to make money. A young baker can take orders for cookies, cupcakes, and muffins from busy neighbors that enjoy homemade treats. A mechanical child can start his own bike repair shop, or a computer-savvy kid can give lessons to those just starting out. A crafty child can make and sell jewelry, and one that likes photography can take pictures for a family reunion or birthday party.

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