Jobs for Kids at the Age of 10

The Department of Labor regulates child employment. Rules are in place to protect kids from job-related injuries and working too many hours. As kids move through their teens years, they qualify for more work opportunities. Paying jobs for kids at age 10 are limited, but are legal in some categories 1. Parents must approve of the child's employer and the work performed.

Pet Care

Pet owners often hire responsible kids to help out with pet care 1. Walking dogs is a popular job, as is playing with a dog in a fenced yard or other safe area. Many dog owners will pay a 10 year old to walk, bathe and play with their dogs. Children this age are also capable of cleaning out kennels and picking up dog waste. Kids can change cat litter boxes and refill water and food bowls. Owners of birds, hamsters and other small, safe animals may pay a child to clean out the pet's cage every few days or care for it when the owner is out of town.

Yard Care

10 year olds can get paid to do simple yard work. Picking up debris after a wind storm, raking leaves and sweeping sidewalks and driveways are safe for kids. They can also pull weeds and do some gardening chores. Some children this age can shovel snow and mow grass under adult supervision.


Kids can prepare for when they are old enough to babysit by being a mother's helper around the house or on a shopping trip. Parents with several children may hire a 10 year old to help a teen or an older person with babysitting. Kids can gain experience while learning about caring for children.

Household Helper

Busy parents may hire a kid to help watch children while Mom or Dad cooks a meal or does other household chores. On a nice day, the parent may not be able to supervise children playing outdoors and would pay a 10 year old to play outdoors with the kids. A parent might appreciate a household helper who will dust furniture, fold clothes, shake rugs, vacuum or sweep and do other simple household jobs.

Neighborhood Tasks

Jobs that can be done around the neighborhood include setting up for yard sales, washing cars, sweeping porches and decks, and other simple tasks for neighbors. They can wash windows as well as outdoor furniture, privacy fences, barbecue grills and other outdoor items.

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