Jobs for Children Under 13

Children of all ages can pitch in around the house to help the family maintain the household. In addition to jobs that children under 13 can take on in the home, jobs in the community may even allow them to earn some extra cash. Allowing children under age 13 to work helps parents teach them the value of hard work and the value of a dollar. Their jobs should not be allowed to impinge on schoolwork and time with the family.

House Chores

Plenty of work around the house can be assigned to the younger members of the household. Dusting and vacuuming are two options. In addition, loading and unloading dishes from the dishwasher is another option. Requiring children to clean their rooms and help fold and put away the laundry are additional duties that can lighten the parents' load of household chores and allow the children to play a role in taking care of the house.

Pet Care

Walking and caring for the dogs in the neighbourhood is another job fit for children under age 13. After school and during the summer, children can provide dog-walking services to dog owners in the neighbourhood. For neighbours who go on vacation, children of this age can also provide pet sitting. Children can charge clients by the visit or by the hour, but taking care of pets teaches children how to be responsible for another living thing and allows them to earn some money.


Especially for older children, such as 12- and 13-year-olds, babysitting is an available job option. If the child has younger siblings, you may allow him to care for his brothers and sisters while you are gone for a few hours. Offering babysitting services to the other parents in the neighbourhood is also a viable option. Babysitting teaches children about being responsible and allows them to earn money by providing a service.

Yard Work

You can also put children to work in the yard. Yard work duties vary according to the child's age, the season and where you live. These duties can include watering the lawn, raking up mowed grass and leaves, and helping a parent plant flowers, bushes and trees. Children close to age 13 may also mow the lawn with parental supervision.