Jobs for 11-Year-Old Kids During the Summer

Mowing lawns is one way kids can make money during the summer.

If you are 11 years old, you may want to spend your summer having fun, but many kids also try to make a little money on the side during their summer vacation. However, most states have laws in place that prevent children that age from working. Still, there are several ways you can make a job for yourself.

Yard Work

If you live in a neighborhood with lots of houses, you can start a summer yard work service offering to clean yards, cut grass and trim bushes. Create a set price list for potential customers. Don't promise more than you can deliver or try to do work you don't have the equipment or physical strength for, since you are not a professional landscaper. Walk around your neighborhood and hand out fliers with your prices, hours and contact information.

Baby Sitting

If you happen to have expedience with looking after younger siblings, you can turn this into a profitable enterprise by offering your services as a baby sitter. If you have watched kids before, get references from previous clients that you can offer to potential costumers. Remember to present a mature professional appearance, since people are not going to trust their children to just anyone. Agree on price before you take an assignment.

Fishing and Crabbing

If you like to fish or do line crabbing, and live near a river or body of water containing either fish or crabs, you can make this into your summer business. You will have to have a fishing license, unless you happen to live in a locality where you can fish without one. Make an agreement with a local fish market to sell your catch.


Another way to make money, and one that actually helps the planet, is to gather discarded plastic bottles for recycling. All you will need for this is a bike and a bag you can put the crushed bottles in as your gather them. You can gather any bottles you see discarded on the ground or roadside, but make sure you have a business's permission before going through their trash. Wear protective gloves for this work.