Job Benefits for Kids in High School

High school kids often get jobs to either make money for themselves, or to help out at home. Certain circumstances may necessitate an after-school job, however, if getting a high school job is an optional choice, talk to your teen about the benefits of entering into the working world while still in school. Apart from the obvious financial benefits, your teenager will gain in other ways as well.

Keep Kids Safe

Some high school students may be at risk of engaging in risky activities after school. Students who are at risk for getting into trouble often benefit from an after school job because they are being supervised, and because they have less time on their hands to find trouble. The responsibility of having a job might also help your teen phase out of his risky behavioral habits so that he's less inclined to get into trouble.

Taking Control of Finances

Another benefit of having a job while in high school is that it teaches the teenager to learn about managing his money. The student also learns about withholding taxes and how to budget his money for the coming weeks before he gets another paycheck. Working also sets the climate for parental discussions on financial management, investing and spending responsively.

Confidence Building

A job gives teenagers empowerment and a feeling of autonomy from making his own money. The student becomes more self-confident when he is given job duties to perform that may result in a good review from his supervisor or even a raise in pay. Other ways working helps raise self-esteem include the positive feedback from customers and recognition of fellow co-workers, who may even be students themselves.

Career Ideas

Although many part-time, after school jobs do not inspire a teenager to make a career choice, some jobs might spark an interest in a field that the teen never even thought of 1. Having a positive relationship with his supervisor can help foster a teenager's interest in a particular career path such as managing a restaurant, working in a law office or considering a managerial career in retail. Many people who work in the restaurant industry often say that restaurant work is in their blood, often because they worked in the food business since high school.