Inexpensive Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Boarding schools are similar to a college atmosphere where students live full-time in dormitories and attend school during the day 1. These schools can be a good option to help a troubled teen who is not doing well in their public school and may be having trouble in their home life. While most of the boarding schools for troubled teens can be costly, there are less expensive schools and special loans to help families who need financial assistance.

Aspen Education

Aspen Education is a boarding school for troubled teens that helps "promote academic and personal growth." It is a co-ed school that offers therapeutic programs to help youth and their families understand each other and develop a relationship as well as provide an educational foundation for their students 12. In an effort to help low-income families, Aspen Education offers low monthly payments to families who qualify 2. Aspen offers 38 programs and operates in 13 states and the United Kingdom.

Agape Boarding School

Agape is a low-cost Christian boarding school for struggling boys located in Stockton, Miss 1. They specialize in working with rebellious and unmotivated teens to help get them back on track with their education and families 2. Despite the low cost of the institution, Agape has first-class facilities and staff. Since 1990, they have been helping teens labeled as "drop-outs" and "misfits" set and achieve educational goals, become drug free and "know the Lord."

Sunset Bay Academy

Located south of San Diego in San Ysidro, Calif., Sunset Bay Academy is a boarding school dedicated to the rehabilitation of troubled youth and their families 1. They offer round-the-clock resident psychologists seven days a week. They boast a 3-to-1 student-to-staff ratio to ensure students get the attention they need. The academy works with a loan company to help qualified families afford the boarding and tuition costs.

White River Academy

White River Academy is an accredited and license boarding school for troubled teens in Delta, Utah 1. This institution is both a boarding school and residential treatment center for students who have been expelled, suspended and who are struggling to get along with both their peers and families 1. White River utilizes a Peer Culture System to help teens develop a sense of responsibly, team work and self-reliance. For families who cannot afford the program, the academy offers live support, training and techniques that parents can use at home to help their troubled teen.

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