How to Increase HCG Levels

HCG, or human chorionic gonadtropin, is a hormone only present when a woman is pregnant. During the first few months of pregnancy, HCG increases at an exponential rate. Home pregnancy tests can test for the presence of this hormone to determine whether a woman is pregnant. While HCG levels should rise during a pregnancy , only a doctor can determine whether HCG levels should be a concern.

Increasing Your HCG levels

Visit your doctor. Pregnancy needs to be monitored by a medical professional. Since the presence of HCG indicates pregnancy, any procedures dealing with HCG should be administered and/or prescribed by a obstetrician.

Take your prenatal vitamins. HCG levels rise during pregnancy. A pregnancy that is viable will have HCG levels increase exponentially. Prenatal vitamins will help to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing appropriately.

Consume medications as prescribed. If your HCG levels are not rising, your doctor may prescribe medications to help them rise. If so, take exactly as directed to ensure that it works properly. Do not attempt to take other products that claim to raise levels. Pregnancy hormone levels are delicately balanced 1. Consuming other products can harm your pregnancy and cause medical issues.

Report anything unusual to your obstetrician. HCG levels are a first indicator that something may be wrong, but there are other signs to look for as well. If HCG levels are not where they should be, ultrasounds can be done to determine if the pregnancy is experiencing any problems.