How to Improve Children's Writing Speed

Every parent wants their children to have a leg up when it comes to their education. One of the best ways to help your children excel is to help them to increase their writing speed. If their writing speed increases, they are more likely to keep up with teacher’s handwritten notes and finish their homework faster. It also gets them on the fast track for college, where most professors simply lecture the class without consideration for the children who write too slowly to keep up. You don’t need any special tools to help your child write fast. Just take the time to work with them.

Select a book that is at your child’s reading level. For example, if you are coaching a third-grader to write fast, do not select a reference book such as Charles Darwin’s "Origin of Species."

Select a sizeable paragraph or chapter from the book. Set it in front of your child and have them copy the segment of the book about five times.

Switch to a new section of book every time your child copies the information a full five times. This gives them something new to read so the task does not become too tedious.

Read your child’s work after each exercise for precision. Don’t just read the first few copies, though; read them all to ensure your child did not just add filler to each page.


Positively reinforce your child’s work. If they do a good job with their writing exercise, don’t be afraid to tell them! Sit down and write from the book with your child. Show them that you can focus on the work. Don’t let your presence become a distraction, though.