Ideas for Organizing a Desk for a Teenager

A teen’s desk isn’t safe from the whirlwind of papers, knickknacks and electronics that the young person accumulates. The purpose of a teen’s desk is to serve as a place where he can do his homework, fill out applications and work on hobbies at an area that’s free of distractions. When you help a teen organize his desk, do so using a system that he can continue to use with ease 2.

Clipboards for Project Management

A teen can have a lot going on in his life at once. Instead of having your teen simply stack his reminders on his desk or in a drawer, hang six clipboards onto the wall next to the desk. He can use the different clipboards to hang the latest schedules, project handouts, reminders and other items of importance so he can see all the items at once.

Rail System for Supplies

Pencil jars, paperclip holders, markers and art supplies can quickly clutter a desk. Get the items off the teen’s desk and clear up space by using a rail system that comes with hanging cups. The rail looks like a short, thin curtain rod that you install onto the wall just above the teen’s desk. You then hang cup-like containers designed for this type of organization system from the rail in your teen’s favorite color. Transfer the teen’s pens, markers and other items into the hanging cups. Some organization rail systems have hanging baskets that a teen can use for items like small notepads, staplers and tape dispensers.

Kitchen Tools as Drawer Organizer

If the items in a teen’s desk drawer roll around and get lost when he opens and closes it, turn a muffin tin into a drawer organizer. Instead of getting a brand new muffin tin, buy a used one at a thrift shop and let your teen spray paint it in a color that he likes. After the paint dries, place items like paperclips, rubber bands, erasers and pushpins into separate holes in the tin. To tame larger items, use a kitchen drawer organizer that’s made to hold flatware and other utensils.

Bookcase Desk End

Give a teen more storage for her books and supplies without sacrificing a lot of space by sliding a bookcase under one side of the desk. Alternatively, replace the legs on the side of the desk that faces out with a custom-built bookcase. Instead of leaving textbooks, binders, novels, magazines and boxes piled on a desk, the teen can put them away on the roomy bookshelf so she has extra space to work.