How to Teach the Alphabet & Numbers to Children With Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that impairs social and communication skills. Autistic children can learn the alphabet and numbers, but it helps if teachers work with their learning styles. Understanding how this population learns will help you teach autistic children better. Autistic children need structure and are often visual thinkers who tend to have musical talents. Therefore, when teaching the alphabet and numbers, it can help to incorporate songs and visual aids into the lesson.

Sing the alphabet song with your autistic children daily until they can repeat it back to you. Have the children point to each letter as you sing the song.

Tell the children to point to a letter or number, and state what letter or number it is. Have the children identify uppercase and lower case letters.

Place uppercase and lower case letters out on a table. Have the children match the correct uppercase and lowercase letter together to make a pair. For example, A and a.

Lay out large numbers on the floor. Have the children put the numbers one through 10 in the correct order. When they have mastered that, do one through 20, and so on.

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