How to Increase Sperm Count When You're Over 40

Men's fertilization abilities can decrease after age 40, but the clock doesn't tick quite as loudly as it does for women. Many men become dads after 50. Actor Tony Randall became a father at age 77. So there is a lot of hope. But the reality is that aging can make a difference in sperm count 2. Fertilization rates are usually over 60 percent for men under 39, but begin to fall to slightly over half after that age, according to There may be genetic factors involved with low sperm count at any age 2. But many of the interfering factors can be overcome to increase the sperm count 2.


Have sex less often. Try to leave at least three days between sexual episodes. The more times you ejaculate, the less dense the sperm becomes.

Wear boxer shorts instead of briefs and avoid hot baths and saunas. Heat is believed to impair sperm production, according to, a fertility information website.

Eat food low in fat and high in protein, plus vegetables and whole grains, which will enhance your overall health. It also helps provide a healthy and ideal weight. Being overweight can cause testosterone imbalances.

Stay off the bicycle, at least during the time you want to improve your sperm count 2. The pressure is bad for the testicles. It has been linked to impotence and may affect the sperm count 2.

Do not overdo the exercise, which can lead to high levels of adrenal steroid hormones that cause testosterone deficiency.

Reduce stress in your life. Try relaxation techniques or meditation. This will take the pressure off your entire body and improve your sexual health.

Take vitamin/mineral supplements, including vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium.

Avoid alcohol, which affects the liver and can increase estrogen levels. This may decrease sperm production.

Stop smoking. It is believed to significantly decrease sperm count 2.

Stay away from environmentally hazardous substances such as pesticides, lead, paint and other chemicals that may be harmful.


If you still find you have a low sperm count, medical help is available. Drugs can be used to help improve the sperm count. Various medical techniques are available in the growing fertilization market, such as intrauterine insemination to inject higher concentrations of sperm through the cervix at the time of ovulation.

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