How to increase concentration & focus skills in children

Concentration and focus skills are important factors contributing to intelligence and success in school and in life 1. As a parent, you can help your child develop concentration and focus skills to reach her full potential by introducing her to different ways to increase her attention and stimulate her imagination.

Play Time

You do not need to spend money on educational toys to improve your child's concentration. Just let him play. Children can get absorbed in their daily activities and will stimulate their imagination at the same time. In fact, when they are fully immersed in play, their state is similar to the state gained through meditation practice.

Encourage Reading

Reading requires focus and attention. If your child knows how to read, take turns reading to each other. If she is not yet literate, continue reading bedtime stories to her. Whether it is through reading actively or being read to, your child will learn valuable methods and skills to increase concentration.

Diet and Exercise

A balanced diet combined with regular exercise will benefit your child in his concentration skills. Make sure that your child is taking in sufficient vitamins and minerals by consuming milk, eggs, vegetables and healthy snacks. Also give your child the opportunity to release pent-up energy through exercise. You will see that he will become much more relaxed and less fidgety, which will create the perfect conditions for increasing his focus skills.

Educational Games

Keep your child stimulated with a variety of games that increase concentration skills. Popular traditional games such as memory cards are known to exercise attention and memory skills. Other games, such as "opposites," in which you give the child a word and ask him to tell you its opposite, or "missing number," in which you leave out numbers and ask him to call out the number you left out, are also good ways of increasing concentration.