Household Chore Descriptions

From toddlers to teens, kids can play key roles in keeping the home neat and tidy. Unless Mom wants to act as the sole maid, the kiddos can pitch in and take on age-appropriate household chores. Before divvying up the tasks, take stock of what these chores actually mean to you and your family. Getting a full picture, via descriptions, of the chores to be addressed can help you to make chore-child matches.

Bedroom Cleaning

For a child, keeping her own bedroom clean is a chore that can not only contribute to the household maintenance, but can also head off messy privacy battles. According the the American Academy of Pediatrics', kids -- especially teens -- often balk at a parent entering their own private space 1. That said, unless you don't mind that funky smell emanating from your teens room, bedroom cleaning is a must. Bedroom cleaning chores typically include making he bed, picking up dirty clothes off of the floor and putting them in the hamper or the laundry and throwing away any trash such as old school papers, magazines or leftover snacks. Younger kids in grade school can handle all of these tasks with minimal help from you. Children in middle and high school can do all of these, plus vacuum and change the sheets on the bed themselves.


Dong the dishes is often an arduous task that can pile up quickly. Kids can pitch in, doing age-appropriate cleaning tasks that take care of the kitchen clutter. Younger children in the early elementary years and below can help you to clear plates, soak dishes in the sink and hand-wash -- under your supervision -- non-breakable plates and cups. Older kids can do the dishes on their own, load the dishwasher and put the clean items away.


Laundry is often a seemingly endless task that is ultimately necessary if everyone in the family wants to look, and smell, nice. Household laundry chores that little ones -- such as toddlers and preschoolers -- can tackle include sorting clean clothes and helping you to fold them. Grade schoolers can continue on with these tasks, adding on putting the clothes away in appropriate drawers or closet spaces. Teens can typically handle the entire laundry list, washing, drying, folding and putting away all of the items.


Look under your feet to see just how key keeping your floors clean is. Whether you have a crawling baby, a preschooler who spends the day playing on your living room carpet or simply want your house to look neat and tidy, keeping the floors clean is of utmost importance. Floor chores include an array of tasks that you can dole out to your kids of different ages. Young children in preschool can help you to sweep up minor areas of dust or dirt, while older kids can handle more heavily soiled spaces. Tweens and teens can mop tile types of floors and vacuum carpeted surfaces.