What Hobbies Do Nine Year Olds Have?

By the time children reach age 9, they should be able to reveal their interests. These interests can often turn into hobbies, whether it is working on puzzles, playing an instrument, sports or other activities. Children at this age show greater independence, knowing their likes and dislikes, and may have a specific group of friends who like to do the same things. Children at this age are also interested in group activities.

Musical Instruments

A variety of musical instruments can easily turn into a hobby for a 9-year-old 1. Many basics of instruments may be learned with one lesson, but for continued advancement, additional lessons are necessary. Children at this age especially enjoy music lessons that can teach them to play their favorite popular songs. Common instruments that often become hobbies include:

  • the piano
  • guitar
  • violin
  • flute
  • drums
  • saxophone


At age 9, children have more coordination and body control and may be interested in learning about dance. Introducing dance as a hobby offers children a chance to engage in physical activity that may help strengthen their body muscle and tone, as well as express themselves artistically.


Many sports are played outdoors and may be played in groups. Children enjoy being outdoors and at this age, they enjoy group play. Introduce a variety of sports to children to see which they enjoy the best. Consider sports such as:

  • softball
  • basketball
  • handball
  • soccer
  • ice skating or hockey


An interest in crafts can often continue to grow with a child even to the adulthood. Crafts for children age 9 could include knitting, sewing, puzzles, or building or making things out of Legos or clay. Many crafts may also be focused around a particular theme or characters that children like. Place crafts your children create on display to show and remind children of their artistic accomplishments.

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