Herbal Remedy for a Blocked Fallopian Tube

Traditionally, women depend on their doctors and surgery to remove blockages from their fallopian tubes, but that is not necessary. Shola Oslo, a kinesiologist, recommends Chinese medicine and suggests the use of herbal tampons and a chamomile douche as a natural remedy to serve this purpose.

Herbal Tampons

According to HerbalTamponFacts.com, herbal tampons can be easily made at home. Boil water in a pan and add calendula, garlic, goldenseal, red clover, corydalis root, astralgus root, ligusticum and dong quai. Once the water has turned color, allow it to cool to room temperature and strain. Place a regular, unscented tampon into the strained mixture and allow it to completely soak up the newly activated botanicals. Insert the soaked herbal tampon. This should be done between menstrual periods everyday for 8 hours until the next menses begin. BiotanicalHealth.com recommends inserting the tampon before sleeping so “the herbs will work more effectively overnight while you are in your relaxed state” and should be used “every month until you get a positive pregnancy test.”

Chamomile Douche

A chamomile douche is suggested by BiotanicalHealth.com after removing the herbal tampon. Purchase a traditional douche and chamomile tea. Empty the liquid that comes with the douche and replace it with the brewed and cooled tea.

Non-Herbal Recommendations

Blocked-Fallopian-Tubes.com, a site with information from Shola Oslo, also suggests adding a Chinese fertility massage 1. “The Chinese Fertility Massage is a new way for unblocking the fallopian tube, based on ancient massage techniques and acupressure.” The fertility massage is optional, along with fertility yoga, and not required for the treatment to be successful.