Healthy Breakfast Meals for Teenagers

Persuading a teenager to eat a healthy diet is sometimes an impossible task. As parents, you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and can start your child’s day off on the right track. You will have to use some creativity to get your teenager moving fast enough in the morning to eat a healthy breakfast. The first place to start is with some yummy irresistible breakfasts 1.

Pancakes or Waffles made Healthy

Pancakes and waffles might well be your teenagers favorite breakfast. Not only will the promise of yummy pancakes get them to the breakfast table, you can make them much healthier and start your teens off with a good solid healthy breakfast. Use whole wheat flour and whole grains to make your pancakes and use real maple syrup or your own naturally sweetened fruit toppings for the pancakes. These can be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer to save time on busy school mornings.

Oatmeal Instead of Boxed Cereal

Boxed cereal is certainly much more convenient than spending the time making a hot breakfast, but they are often filled with sugar and preservatives, which offer nothing healthy for your teenager. Oatmeal may not be as much fun, but it can be spruced up with some fruit and is much healthier for breakfast. Don’t use instant oatmeal because it has just as much added sugar as the box cereals.

Smoothies are a Quick Breakfast on the Go

If getting your teenager to the breakfast table in time to actually eat their breakfast is a problem, smoothies are a favorite that can be eaten on the go. Make these with lowfat all-natural yogurt and your own fruit and fruit juice. These can also be put in the freezer in ice cube trays for a frozen treat later. Smoothies are also very quick to make first thing as a side dish for another breakfast meal. Serve a smoothie along with your pancakes for some added fruit in your breakfast. Teenagers love these sweet treats, just make sure that you are sweetening the smoothie with natural fruit juices and not adding a lot of sugar to your breakfast.

Eggs are Quick and Healthy Too

A quick egg sandwich is a perfect choice for hectic mornings as well. Your teen can carry it right to the bus stop with them and have a healthy hot breakfast every morning. It is a much better choice than a toaster pastry that is loaded with sugar and offers very little in the way of nutrition.

Stress the Importance of Breakfast

With some proper planning and imagination, you can create a breakfast the whole family will enjoy. Show your teenagers how important breakfast is and plan to eat the first meal of the day with your kids. It can be a fun time of the day for the whole family as you prepare to head out to work and school. Take advantage of that time in the morning and share a breakfast with your children.