Good Ways to Cheer Up a Kid

Sooner or later we all get sad, and children are no exception. Kids can catch a bad case of the gloomies and learning to cope with feeling down is a part of growing up 2. If you have a child in your life who could use a little sunshine, try to cheer up a kid and turn that frown upside down!

Talk with the Child

Listening to kids, and finding out what exactly is bothering them, is the first step on the road to making it better. Adults often find it difficult to relate to a child's ever-changing moods. Stop and take time to discover what is bothering your child and you'll foster trust and open communication. Take a walk in the park or go for ice cream; kids are more willing to open up when they don't feel as if they're being interrogated.

Go for a Day Out

Legendary daredevil Evel Knievel once said, “I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.” While you don't have to risk life and limb to get fresh air, changing a child's environment and scenery might elevate her mood. Take her somewhere she's never been and make it an adventure. A simple drive and picnic in the countryside, a trip to the zoo or day at the beach are inexpensive ways to get outdoors, get some fresh air and shake the blues.

Prepare a Special Meal

The act of preparing food can take a child's mind off what is bothering them. Sit and plan a meal or treat of the child's choosing. Making pizza, baking a batch of fresh cookies or churning homemade ice cream are all hits with children. Many children love helping prepare a meal, especially when they have control over what is being prepared. Take a step out of the norm. A trip to the farmers market or specialty store will make it even more interesting. Try selecting new or unfamiliar ingredients to mix things up a bit and build excitement for the meal ahead.

Do Something the Child Enjoys

Spending quality time with your child is one of the best ways to cheer a child up. Participate in an activity that the kid really enjoys. Playing a favorite sport, doing arts and crafts or anything else that promotes togetherness shows children they matter. Taking an interest in a child's hobbies and joining in lets her know you care.