Good Parenting Skills List

Using the authoritative parenting style provides a strong foundation for good parenting skills, according to an article titled "More on Effective Parenting" at the website for TriWest HealthCare Alliance 1. Authoritative parenting sets boundaries and relies more on reward and reinforcement than on punishment and fear. A parent's ability to handle stress is near the top of the list for effective parenting, according to an article on the website of Leelanau Children's Center places. In addition, providing love and support is vital to good parenting skills.

Choosing a Style

Authoritarian parenting is based on punishment and fear. Permissive parenting is lenient and authoritative parenting promotes developmental milestones at appropriate ages according to TriWest. In addition, authoritative parenting allows the child to instill self-confidence and develop independence in life at the appropriate time. Children raised by authoritative parenting ultimately score higher on psychological health scales, according to TriWest.

Communication is Key

Effective communication is a critical parenting skill. Verbalizing pleasure and displeasure with a child's behavior sends a clear message about what's expected. Praise such as "good job" or "I like when you put your toys away" helps mold the child's future behavior as he attempts to receive another compliment. Nonverbal communication is also an important parenting skill. This communication style includes ignoring undesirable behavior, using time-out for young children and loss of privileges for teenagers.

Back to Basics

According to an article published on the website of the Leelanau Children's Center in Michigan, treating a child with respect is a good parenting skill because it teaches the child independence. In addition, the article reports providing a stable financial environment is an effective parenting skill. Instead of talking to children about healthy life choices, the article suggests the parent model the choices. Teach children to emulate healthful choices for exercise, eating and relaxation.

Teaching Tolerance

An article published on titled "Teaching Your Child Tolerance" reports that a child who learns tolerance has more opportunities in careers, business and education as an adult 3. Parents teach tolerance by example. Exposing your children to friends of varying cultures, promoting diverse experiences and modeling tolerance toward others is a good parenting skill.