Fun Team Building Basketball Drills for Kids

Basketball is a fine sport for teaching kids how to work together. Even very young children can do team drills involving passing, dribbling and shooting. When working on building teamwork, don't neglect off-court activities -- your kids will build trust with others at dinner outings, pool parties and other venues such as the arcade or the movie theater.

One Minute Free-For-All

This drill encourages environmental awareness, team pride and shooting skills. Divide the group into two teams. Set each team up at opposite ends of the court. Give each player her own ball, and give the players one minute to make as many baskets as they can. Each time someone makes a basket, have them call out the count -- this requires the group to pay attention to how many baskets have been made. Each player must also retrieve her own ball, rather than taking someone else's. The team with the most baskets wins.

Passing Drill

This drill teaches basic passing skills, and is effective for younger players. Line up two separate teams, each with one ball. Blow a whistle and have the first person in line pass the ball to the next, continuing down the line. If someone drops the ball during a pass, have that person pass it again. Whichever team finishes first wins. Try this drill once with just chest passes, then practice bounce passes.

4-On-4 Full Court Basketball Practice Drill

This drill helps kids practice the fundamentals of basketball while working together the way they would during a game 3. Divide the kids into two teams of four, and using the full court, have them play until one team scores eight points. The winning team can choose to stay and play the next squad, or take a break.

Team Shooting Drill

Divide the kids into two teams. Place five spots on the floor in an arc around a basket, and have the same arrangement at the opposite basket. On each side, line up the kids behind the first spot, allowing the first person in line to try the shot. If he misses, let the next person try. Whenever someone makes the shot, the whole line moves to the next spot. When a team makes the last shot, they win. This drill allows kids to practice shooting individually, but builds a sense of togetherness because the whole team's goal is to make it to the last spot.