How to Follow Weight Watchers During Pregnancy

Weight Watchers does not officially allow pregnant woman to actively participate in their program. A woman should never try to start following Weight Watchers during pregnancy; however, a woman who has been following the Weight Watchers program for a long time can easily modify it to fit her pregnancy needs 1. The goal of following Weight Watchers during pregnancy is not to lose weight, but rather to keep weight gain reasonable.

Eat all your points. If you were at 24 points pre-pregnancy, you will need to eat all of them, plus your five daily flex points. If you are doing the Core plan, you will need to add 10 points per day to your Core meals. You must eat all your activity points as well.

Be flexible with your food choices. Pregnancy hormones can make it hard to eat some of your favorite healthy foods. If morning sickness leaves you feeling like all you can take in are saltine crackers and Coca-cola, then that's what you should eat. When the nausea fades, make up for it with something healthier but never force yourself to follow your Weight Watchers plan when morning sickness strikes 1.

Exercise daily. As the pregnancy progresses, you will need to modify the length of time you exercise as well as the intensity. If you are a jogger, as your belly grows you will need to slow down to a brisk walk. Remember, when you earn activity points, you must eat them. Your baby needs those calories.

Use a spreadsheet or notebook to track your points. When you are pregnant, you are no longer able to participate in Weight Watchers meetings so you may lose access to the tools they give you. Find your own way to track your points and stick with it.

Follow your hunger. Some days you may need to eat more than your allotted points and that is fine. Listen to your body. If you are not gaining weight, you may need to up your calories. Your doctor will let you know if you are not gaining enough.


In general, pregnant women need to eat about 300 additional calories per day.


Not gaining enough weight during pregnancy may have adverse effects. Talk to your doctor about how much weight you should gain during pregnancy.

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