How to Fake A Pregnancy Test

This is a simple and easy way to fake a positive result pregnancy test. There is no other way to make a pregnancy test come out positive every time without being pregnant.

Step one is to obtain a fake pregnancy test. The cheapest ones are for sale on ebay but fake newspapers has expensive ones. I can only personally recommend the ones on ebay.

One you get the test in the mail, tell your mark that you think you may be pregnant. It would help if you try to hide your most recent period.

Urinate in the cup and dip the pregnancy strip into the cup. Wait for the test to come up positive. Most test results can be read before ten minutes or so, depending on the test.

Show the test to your mark as proof of your pregnancy.

(optional) Act shocked and repeat the test with another fake pregnancy strip.

(optional) Cry a little bit or behave emotional. Pregnant women have a lot of hormones that cause them to behave more emotional than normal.


Taking more than one test is more convincing. Letting your mark dip the pregnancy test in the urine for you is more believable since he can do it himself. Urinate into the cup in the presence of your mark


Make sure you tell your mark you were just joking Your mark may have a bad reaction to this Please use this information responsibly Only use this on someone who has a good sense of humor Be careful on ebay. There is only one seller (as of the time writing this) that sells tests that come up positive. The others are selling ones that are already peed on. That is kind of gross.