Exercising on a Trampoline While Pregnant

The most important thing to consider while pregnant is your fitness. If you remain sedentary while pregnant, you will suffer certain consequences after the birth of your child. However, it is important to understand what is and isn’t safe to do while pregnant. Learn about what works for you when you exercise on a trampoline.

The Mini Trampoline

Exercising while you are pregnant is very important because you need to maintain your body fitness if you want to keep the figure you had before you were pregnant. However, since your body is changing a lot, you might encounter issues doing exercise. The Rebounder mini trampoline is a solution recommended for pregnant women to exercise on 1. Its features counteract the force of the heaviness that might cause discomfort in women who exercise during pregnancy, especially if you did not exercise much before you got pregnant 1.

Are the Warnings True?

The warnings about the Rebounder mini trampoline, although they hold some ground for some women, are not true for all women 1. This does not mean you should not try exercising on a trampoline. However, at the first sign of discomfort, you should stop or reduce the intensity of the exercise. This is a rule of thumb that should be well respected for pregnant women. Since the body goes through many physiological changes, you are going to have to get used to doing less, but, at the same time, not too little.

Kinds of Exercise

Exercises recommended for pregnant women on trampolines include jogging, arching the back, and squatting. While jogging is self explanatory, there are techniques for both the back arch and the squat that will help prevent any awkward movements that might hurt your body.

Arching the Back

Get in a crawling position on the trampoline and arch your back upwards as much as you can without overstraining yourself. Then do the opposite (lower your back and abdomen) as far as you can go, again without overstraining yourself. Repeat this exercise until you feel that you have exercised sufficiently (usually around 10 times is recommended). By doing the back arch, you end up relieving some of the strain that arrives in the later stages of pregnancy (just around the second trimester).


Performing this kind of exercise requires extreme care in posture, especially in the late months of pregnancy (starting around five to six months) 1. Squatting with an unstable posture can cause many adverse effects in your body, so do take care of keeping your back straight while doing this. You can do this while holding weights. Basically, all you have to do is a simple squat, with your arms embracing you. Since you are on a trampoline, be sure to take care of how you get back to an upright position. This exercise will strengthen your body more, and does not require too much effort for a woman that is far in her pregnancy 1.