The Effects of Teen Violence

Teenagers who show signs of violent behavior cause concern in their parents. Violent teens are at risk for developing other violent behaviors and taking part in illegal activities, which puts the teens at more risk of being injured or arrested. If you're a parent of a teen having anger management problems, it's best to show your love and support and help them find constructive ways to deal with their angry feelings 1.

Teen Gang Involvement

Many teens who show signs of violent behavior may join a gang. According to the National Gang Trends Survey (NGTS), there are more than 24,500 street gangs in the United States and more than 772,500 gang members are teens and young adults. Sometimes teens get involved with gangs to fit in with a new crowd and feel accepted. Gangs carry out illegal activities including dealing drugs, robbery, trading weapons and other violent acts. Joining a gang is very dangerous and puts the teen at risk of being arrested or even killed.

Teen Dating Violence

Teens who exhibit violent behavior may be more prone to committing violent acts during a date or being assaulted while on a date. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, one in three teens have been exposed to violent behavior while on a date. Sixty-eight percent of rape victims know their attackers.

School Violence

Violent teens may carry out violent acts when they're at school. About 32 percent report being bullied during school according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Children and teens who bully others are more likely to get into fights with classmates, vandalize property, skip school and drop out of school.