The Effects of High Acidity on Conception

According to the American Pregnancy Association, six million women become pregnant each year, with another six million suffering from infertility. The acidity in a woman's body can play a large role in her fertility, including the ease of becoming pregnant, as well as affecting the sex of the baby.


A woman's vaginal cavity typically stays within a specific pH range, between 3.5 and 4.0. However, some women have an acidity that is higher. While the acidity of the vagina is meant to protect against infections, too low of a pH level, which indicates high acidity, can kill sperm, reducing the chances of conception. If all other fertility tests come back as normal, a high acidity level may be the cause of a couple's infertility.

Conceiving a Boy

Some people use gender selection methods to increase their chances of conceiving one gender over another. When a couple wants to conceive a boy, a lower level of acidity is preferred. This is because the sperm that generate a boy are faster swimmers, but they are less resilient to higher levels of acidity. Therefore, if a couple wishes to increase the chances of conceiving a boy, it is important to take steps to lower acidity levels in the woman's vagina.

Conceiving a Girl

In contrast to the sperm that result in a boy, the sperm that result in a girl are slower, but stronger. These sperm are able to live longer, even in higher acidity levels. If a couple has had several children and all of them have been girls, odds are that the woman has a higher level of acidity. If the couple wishes to try for a boy instead, changes must be made. In contrast, if a couple has all boys, a higher acidity level is preferred to conceive a girl.

Changing Acidity

A woman can change the acidity levels of her vagina in several ways. If she is having difficulty becoming pregnant or would like to have a boy, she can use a douche before intercourse to lower the acidity levels. For a longer-term solution to raise or lower acidity, a woman can make diet changes. Foods such as coffee, tea, sweets and grains can increase the acidity in a woman's vagina, as can stress. Cutting out these foods and reducing stress can help to lower the acidity if that is the desired effect.