Easiest Way to Get Pregnant

For some women, getting pregnant takes no real effort. It may even happen unexpectedly. But for other women, getting pregnant is a seemingly unobtainable goal. There are some basic strategies to try when you want to become pregnant. These commonsense tactics should help you get pregnant quickly, but remember that everybody is different. Talk to your doctor about your desire to be pregnant to rule out any health complications.

Learn How Reproduction Works

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While you don’t need to have a deep (or even a shallow) understanding of reproduction, having some knowledge can help you get pregnant easier and faster. A woman can only become pregnant during ovulation, so there is a timing aspect involved. During ovulation, a woman releases an egg to be fertilized. If a sperm joins with this egg, she becomes pregnant. If there is no union, the egg breaks apart and menstruation occurs. An egg is available for fertilization for only 12 to 24 hours; however, sperm can live in a woman’s body for three to five days, extending a woman’s fertile period to the span of one week. During a 28-day menstruation cycle, ovulation typically occurs from days 11 to 21. Women can track their ovulation with a special kit or by noticing changes in cervical mucus or basal body temperature.

Get Sexual

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Unless you plan on conceiving through artificial means, you can’t get pregnant without having sex. If timing ovulation sounds too complicated for you, follow this strategy: have sex often. Having intercourse about three times a week will cover all the bases. No matter when a woman ovulates, chances are that there’s sperm around to fertilize the egg. Some people wait and time their intercourse to occur during ovulation, but this isn’t necessary if you’re having regular sex. Vary sex positions, avoiding any where the woman is on top. The sperm may stay in and “settle” longer if the woman is in the "missionary" position with her partner on top.

Relax and Treat Yourself Right

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Couples who fret about getting pregnant are often--though not always--the ones who have the hardest time getting there. Relax and make sure you’re taking care of your body. Don’t drink or smoke (and if you do either of these, quit for at least the time being, if not forever) and stay far away from any drugs. Discontinue taking birth control, especially that containing hormones, and make sure you aren’t taking medication that can interfere with the fertilization process. Give it time and be patient. If you’ve waited, have tried everything and still have yet to become pregnant, talk to your doctor about fertility treatment options.