Early-Morning Abdominal Pain

The excitement of pregnancy comes with questions, concerns and anxiety. A common concern for pregnant women is abdominal pain. Harmless early-morning abdominal pain can be linked to lying down for long periods of time, constipation or morning sickness.


Abdominal pain--short-term discomfort felt in the stomach--is normal in most pregnancies during the first trimester. Second trimester abdominal pain can be a result of internal organs being pushed out of their usual places. Third trimester abdominal pain can be a result of Braxton Hicks contractions which are false labor contractions that are preparing you for the actual birth.

Some Causes

During pregnancy your uterus expands and the ligaments in your stomach stretch 1. Round ligament pain can happen when you wake up in the morning, or roll out of bed and sit up. Other abdominal pain can also be caused by a change in bowel movements or the type of foods you've eaten.


If you have abdominal pain that accompanies bleeding, whether light or heavy, contact your doctor right away. Vaginal bleeding with abdominal pain is usually the first sign of a miscarriage.


A bladder infection, also known as a urinary tract infection, is common during pregnancy. As the uterus expands and grows, increased weight and pressure is placed on the bladder, which can block urine drainage and cause a painful infection.


Avoid moving or twisting your body too quickly. Take it easy. Ask your doctor about exercises that will tone and stretch your stomach muscles. Limit your take of spicy or greasy foods, especially a few hours before you lay down to sleep. Sitting and relaxing with your feet up is also a good way to settle abdominal pain.