The Disciplining of Children in the Islamic Culture

Parents have the ultimate duty to raise their children as well-behaved people and guide them to understand right and wrong through teaching the importance of obeying Allah and the Prophet’s commandments. Discipline in the Islamic culture encompasses teaching the importance of Allah more so than implementing appropriate punishments.

Importance of Worshipping Allah

In order for children to grow as responsible adults in the Islamic culture, teach them the importance of worshiping Allah 2. Children should understand that Allah is the only one worthy to be worshiped and praised. Remind children that this is the only way for anyone to reach Paradise because it is the most important message of the Prophet. Involve kids in acts of worship such as praying together as a family.

Islamic Morals and Character

Aside from emphasizing the importance of worship to children, teach them about Islamic morals, characters, behavior and manners as early as possible. Instill the basic principles of humility, tolerance and patience into young minds so they will grow on the right path. Tell them the tales about Muslim heroes such as Abu Bakr and Ali bin AbiTalib to make them proud of their own culture.

Correcting Children’s Mistakes

Parents should always communicate to their children about doing what is right as responsible Muslims. Correcting your children’s wrong-doings is critical. Disciplining kids in the Islam culture follows a hierarchy. First, gently explain to the child that what they are doing is wrong and tell them what should be done. If the explanation did not work, further explain your disapproval for their wrongdoing by providing a consequence. According to the Khalifah Institute at, the child can be physically punished if he still does not correct his mistake. However, leaders with the Kahlifah Institute insist it is important not to hit the child on the face or stomach, according to Islamic parenting principles. Physical discipline must not result in cuts and bruises.

Teach by Example

Parents should be first to set an example for their children on how to act and behave appropriately as Muslims. Shower them with love and affection, but don't spoil them. Do not fight in front of your children. Keep the Islamic culture alive by continuing to raise children on the path toward honor and responsibility.