Definition of Internet Safety

Youngsters often enjoy spending time on the Internet, exploring, researching and connecting with friends. As engaging and useful as the Internet can be, it is prudent to take measures to keep children safe from potential harm. Internet safety involves education about possible dangers and clear boundaries for children as they use the Internet.

Scope of Internet Safety

Internet safety includes protection from harassment, threats and identity theft, notes the Goodwill Community Foundation 1. Maintaining privacy online is also a facet of Internet safety. As children peruse the Internet, it’s possible that they will receive exposure to potentially harmful websites depicting pornography and violence. Internet safety protects kids from undesired websites.

Protecting Kids

Keep kids safe on the Internet with a strong defense. Have ongoing conversations about possible Internet dangers so your children understand the risks. Communication also helps kids recognize potentially dangerous situations. Instruct kids never to share personal information or pictures online without your permission. Discuss Internet harassment and bullying so kids can identify these situations. Place computers in an area of your home where you can supervise Internet activity, advises the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation 2. Install parental control software on computers to block undesired websites and content. Monitor Internet usage on computers and mobile devices, checking a child’s social media and email accounts regularly to ensure that your youngster uses technology safely and responsibly.

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