Cost of Driving Lessons

A rite of passage for many teens, learning to drive is one more step to adulthood and independence. Before he can apply for a driver’s license, a student driver must take driving lessons. Each state sets its own requirements for the number of hours a teenager needs in driving school and behind the wheel with a driving instructor 1. Some adults who never earned a license as a teen or need to renew a suspended license also take driving lessons.

Classroom Instruction

The off-the-road portion of the training typically takes place in a classroom, though some driving schools offering online courses. The cost varies depending on the size of the class, number of training hours and extras like textbooks and workbooks. According to Cost Helper, the average cost for the classroom portion of driving lessons ranges from $30 to $180, as of 2014 1.

Behind-the-Wheel Training

Student drivers also receive hands-on training with a driving instructor. Behind-the-wheel costs vary depending on the area of the country and the number of training hours. In 2014, the average cost for a two-hour lesson was between $50 and $150, according to Cost Helper. The cost can also vary depending on current gas prices and whether it is a private one-on-one lesson or a group lesson. Some schools combine classroom and behind-the-wheel training for one price, which on average is $300 to $450, according to Cost Helper.

Other Costs

Learning to drive can involve additional costs like taking the state written and driving tests. The costs vary greatly state by state, with some states including the written, driving and license fees into one price.