Children's Summer Day Camps Near Blue Ridge, Georgia

Summer day camps share many of the characteristics of traditional sleep-away camps, such as providing the opportunity to learn skills and bond with peers, but they give children the ability to go home at the end of the day. This can be a good alternative for children whose parents want them to experience outdoor camping but know they would not be comfortable with an overnight stay. A handful of day camps in and around the city of Blue Ridge, Georgia, give children this option.

Camp Wetoga

Camp Wetoga is a church-affiliated day camp in Blue Ridge 2. Campers can sign up for some or all of the four sessions offered each summer. These weeklong sessions "focus on fun and interactive activities that invoke basic New Testament Christian principles," according to the website, During sessions, pictures of camper activities are uploaded to the website regularly.

New Leaf Adventures Summer Camp

Sixteen miles from Blue Ridge is New Leaf Adventures Summer Camp, which is in East Ellijay. This camp is run by a former health club manager who focuses on sports fun for campers. Children ages 7 and older can come to this camp to enjoy physical activities at a mountaintop location.

Camp Glisson

An hour away in Dahlonega is Camp Glisson, which offers Christian-based summer day camps. Children come to do arts and crafts and participate in sports activities. Archery and belayed tree-climbing are programs that campers can take advantage of.

Medicine Bow Summer Camp

Also in Dahlonega is Medicine Bow Summer Camp 3. Here, naturalist Mark Warren teaches all of the classes, which center on outdoor education. Children can sign up for programs to learn more about "ecology, design in nature, the secrets of the Indians (an outdoor exploration), conservation, the wonders of water, Plains Indian sign language, animal tracking, botany, the quest for fire, archery demonstrations, and musical concerts of original compositions," according to the website