Why Can't You Use Slim Quick While Breastfeeding?

Slim Quick, or any liquid diet, is not approved for breastfeeding mothers 1. Such a diet can compromise the health of mother and baby. Mothers need extra, healthy calories while breastfeeding. Natural weight loss will occur over time by combining breastfeeding and a healthy diet.


According to lactation consultant expert Kelly Bonyata, nursing mothers need to consume, at minimum, 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day. Breastfeeding will burn 200 to 500 calories a day.

The Facts

A Slim Quick-type diet contains four main ingredients: skim milk, sugar, fructose and cocoa 1. The calories in a liquid meal are around 240, which is not adequate for a nursing mother.


Parenting expert Heidi Murkoff explains that an inadequate diet will not hurt the baby’s milk supply at first. However, it will deplete the mother’s store of nutrients. Too extreme of a diet can have a negative impact on milk supply—and therefore the baby’s nutrition and growth.


Research has shown mothers who breastfeed frequently and continue for longer than six months have an increase in maternal weight loss. It is healthy to lose 1.5 pounds a week.


To lose weight, Bonyata suggests decreasing fat intake while maintaining high levels of protein, eating throughout the day instead of three large meals, and engaging in moderate exercise. Another option is Weight Watchers, which offers a program targeted for breastfeeding mothers.

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