How Can Field Trips Help a Kid's Health?

Most kids look forward to field trips as a way to get out of the classroom and do something new and different. What your child might not realize is that field trips provide several opportunities to improve his health, even if he just thinks he's getting out of doing math and reading worksheets all day. You can't rely on the occasional field trip to meet all your child's health needs, but they are a good way to introduce healthy lifestyle choices that will serve your child throughout his life.


There's no question that many kids spend too much time being sedentary. Sitting in theirs desk at school for many hours each day doesn't help, but when a field trip comes up, it lets students get up and get moving. Many traditional field trips, such as touring a museum, going to the grocery store to practice money skills, hiking a nearby trail or going to the zoo, mean plenty of walking. Staying active helps kids control their weight, which reduces the risk of many health conditions, including heart disease and diabetes, according to Kids Health 2.

Learning Healthy Habits

A field trip is an ideal opportunity to teach kids about making healthy choices. Visiting a local farmers market or health-based exhibit at the museum introduces healthy eating, exercise and disease-prevention steps that children can take to protect themselves 2. The hands-on learning that field trips provide helps reinforce health topics taught in the classroom, as well as making them more exciting to learn, which could increase the chance that your child will remember them down the road.

Stress Reduction

Sitting in a desk for several hours can be stressful for kids, particularly those who have difficulty staying still and those who are having trouble with the topic. Getting out and going on a field trip is a chance for kids to take a break. It might help them grasp certain subjects easier, and it offers a bit of relief from the same old desk learning. Once students get back to school, they're likely to be refreshed and ready to get back to the routine.

Clean Environment

Many schools take students on field trips that let them contribute to a cleaner environment. This affects your child's health because it helps him see that taking care of his world is important. Field trips that involve cleaning up litter or helping out at a community garden are ideal for this and also provide the opportunity for some exercise at the same time 2.