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How to Calculate When Did I Conceive

By Contributor ; Updated April 18, 2017
Do you want to when you conceived your baby, you can pinpoint the timeframe.

Have you been asking yourself when did I conceive my baby? You can calculate back if you know when you had your last period. It may be a good idea for all women to jot down the dates of their menstrual cycle each month just in case they need to know.

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LAST MENSTRUAL CYCLE - Find out when you last had your monthly menstrual cycle. It is best if you know the exact dates of your menstrual cycle, but if you do not know and you just guess, you will still be able to calculate a round about time frame for the conception of your baby. Even if you do know the exact dates of your last menstrual cycle or period, you will still never know the exact date that you conceived your baby, only an educated guess. If you have been wondering when did I conceive my baby? You can find out in just a few minutes if you have a calendar and know the dates of your last period.

CALCULATE - Mark the first day of your last menstrual cycle on your calendar. Count fourteen days from that date and mark it on your calendar. Your most fertile days for conception are the next three days forward in front of the mark. Circle those three days. Most likely you became pregnant on those three days, however, it is possible to become pregnant on any day of the month and even during your menstrual cycle.

Unless you only had sexual intercourse one time, you may not ever know the exact date that you conceived your baby. At least you have a general time frame of when you conceived your baby.

FOLIC ACID - Take folic acid if you are a women of child bearing age even if you do not think that you will become pregnant. Folic acid is a vitamin that babies need in the first six weeks of pregnancy before women even know they are pregnant. Taking folic acid can protect your baby from many known birth defects. Don't take any chances, doctors recommend that all women of child bearing age take folic acid supplements.

Once you become pregnant, take pre natal vitamins prescribed or recommended by your doctor. Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is essential to the good health of your baby. Next time you ask yourself when did I conceive my baby? Now you can answer that question.

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