How to Get Breast Milk Flowing

You just had a baby and would love to breast feed. Why not, right? It's natural and is what's best for baby but your milk is flowing correctly. Take these step by step tips to get yourself flowing!

The best way to get your milk flowing is to grab a breast pump a couple hours after delivery and get pumping. The breast pump of choice is any of the Medela models. Do not waste your money on cheaper pumps because you don't want to end up with a less efficient one that won't do the job right, and wind back up at the store when you don't have the time.

In the meantime, you can offer your baby formula to fill her appetite as you work on getting a better milk flow. You baby will not sense the change when it comes time, so don't worry!

Ask the lactation nurse on duty to show you how to properly use the pump. At first only droplets will come out and this is great! Pump every hour for 15 minutes until a good flow is coming out. Whatever comes out can be put in a bottle and provided to your infant if she hasn't learned to latch on yet.

Drink plenty of fluids. You'll get very thirsty because your body is drawing moisture from you to produce milk. You'll produce the best milk supply when your body is well hydrated.

When a good flow is coming, offer it to your baby and put the pump aside.

Your baby will now stimulate your milk ducts to produce milk on a regular basis. If not, use your pump for a few minutes after each feed. Freeze whatever comes out.

Right before a feeding, you can take a warm shower which will usually get your milk flowing immediately.

Before a feeding, you can also take warm packs and place it on yourself but you'll have to give yourself at least 1/2 hour of placement. Cover yourself with blankets too.

Things You Will Need

  • breast pump
  • warm packs
  • access to warm shower
  • blankets
  • baby