Boot Camps

Youth Boot Camps in Louisiana

Louisiana Youth Academy

Louisiana Youth Academy Boot Camp in Rapides Parish is sponsored by the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office. At the time of publication, no further information regarding the Academy was available via website, but there is contact information at the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office website for questions.

Louisiana Youth Academy Boot Camp 400 John Allison Drive Alexandria, LA 71303-7769 318-449-4366

K-Bar-B Youth Ranch

The K-Bar-B Youth Ranch in Slidell differs from the Louisiana Youth Academy in that it focuses on providing a healthy environment for children who have suffered abuse, and it offers therapies based on the root needs that abuse causes. K-Bar-B also offers family and group therapy in conjunction with individual therapy.

K-Bar-B Youth Ranch 31294 Gause Boulevard West Slidell, LA 70458 985-641-1425

Red River Academy

Lecompte, Louisiana's Red River Academy serves youths from 13 to 18 and treats troubled teenagers while offering an education as well. The Academy states that, upon graduation, students will be equipped with the basic skills to participate as contributing members of society. Students get to work outside the classroom in projects that will benefit the community.

Red River Academy 2810 U.S. 71 Lecompte, LA 71346 318-776-5655

Military Style Boot Camps in Tennessee

Transformations 4 Life

Transformations 4 Life is a military-style boot camp located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A fitness-oriented boot camp, it utilizes military-style routines to help its participants relieve stress and lose weight. Campers range from all ages, from 18-63, and boot camp classes usually clock in at about 30-45 minutes. While their boot camps are not advertised as \"hardcore\"—they forgo negative feedback—they do offer strict structure to help camp attendees maintain and accomplish their goals. A twelve-week online nutrition program is also offered.

Transformations 4 Life 120 Dejarnette Lane Murfreesboro, TN 37130 615-849-8318

Fitness Boot Camp's Fitness Retreat

Fitness Boot Camp's Fitness Retreat is a military-style boot camp located in Tennessee. While also fitness-oriented, this camp incorporates military-style training such as military cadence, boot-camp oriented exercises such as push-ups and jumping jacks, and drills based on calisthenics and agility. Morning and evening classes are held in both Murfreesboro and Nashville, and new classes start in the middle of each new month. The camp is open to both men and women. There are also two levels: premium boot camp, which is four days per week, and basic boot camp, which is two days per week. The premium camp also includes services such as a personal nutrition plan and t-shirt.

Fitness Boot Camp's Fitness Retreat Huffman Road Joelton, TN 37211 615-294-2060

Wayne County Boot Camp

Wayne County Boot Camp (WCBC) is a military-style boot camp that treats offenders who have been convicted of non-violent crimes (six years of less), and who are under the age of 35. An incarceration camp, it incorporates military training such as drills, respecting authority, and even military-style ceremony. Participation can last anywhere between 90 and 120 days. Completion of the boot camp results in probation. The program is listed as minimum security.

Wayne County Boot Camp P.O. Box 182 Clifton, TN 38425 931-676-3345

A Guide to Navy Boot Camp for Families

Boot Camp Overview

Navy boot camp occurs at Great Lakes, Illinois. New recruits arrive at the Recruit Training Command and spend the first week in processing for medical and administrative screenings. After processing, recruits receive a boot camp assignment and begin the seven-week process of learning to become sailors. Training includes formal classroom instruction, marksmanship, water survival, firefighting and weapons training.


A recruit will send family his mailing address during training week one. Once you receive the mailing address, you can begin writing letters to your recruit. According to Navy Recruit Training Command, recruits generally have time to write letters a few evenings per week. You can send your recruit letters, cards, photos and newspaper clippings, as long as the contents fit into a standard envelope – no stickers or decorations on the outside of envelopes. You should not send care packages because your recruit cannot accept these items. You can expect three telephone calls during boot camp – one in the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end of the training.


It’s possible your recruit will experience difficulties or problems during training. For example, she may fail an academic or physical test, become sick or experience an injury. If training problems occur, your recruit will call to advise family of the situation. The Navy Recruit Training Command recommends not making travel arrangements for the graduation ceremony until your recruit calls your with details for her specific graduation. If you experience an emergency and must contact your recruit, call the American Red Cross, which will contact your recruit on your behalf.


Recruits send graduation information to families by mail. The information packet will include the graduation date and a special password for attendees to provide at the gate pass for admission into the Recruit Training Command. Recruits must list the names of attendees on an access list -- the number of people allowed to attend for each recruit depends on the total number of recruits in the group.

Graduation begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 10:30 a.m. After graduation, sailors receive daytime liberty, but they must remain within 50 miles of the Recruit Training Command. Sailors must report to continuing education after graduation, with the time and location depending on each individual sailor’s orders.

Boot Camps for Troubled Kids in Wisconsin


SPRITE stands for support, perseverance, respect, initiative, teamwork and education. The organization started in 1978 to reintegrate adjudicated youth, ages 14 to 17, into their home communities as a pre-release program. It is a 24-day program that teaches youth pro-social behavior, independent living skills, and responsibility though activities such as community service, rock climbing, and pre-employment skill development.

Southern Oaks Girls School

Southern Oaks Girls School opened in October 1994 for delinquent female youth. The short-term re-entry program is for mentally stable girls between the ages of 13 and 17. Individualized attention is assured by keeping group capacity at 10 girls. The maximum program length is 120 days. The intensive treatment program (ITP) is for aggressive girls with mental health issues. Many of the girls in this program have histories of self harm. The Scarlet Oaks unit program is a less intense version of the ITP program. Southern Oaks Girls School is the only youth correctional institute in the country with a Girl Scouts troop.

Camp St. John's Northwestern

Camp St. John's Northwestern is a military summer program for young men ages 11 to 16. Accredited by the American Camping Association, its program focuses on developing leadership, teamwork, self-confidence, and physical endurance through activities such as paintball, rappelling, and archery.

Boot Camps in Milwaukee, WI, for Teens

St. John's Northwestern Military Academy Camp

Located just 30 minutes from Milwaukee, Camp St. John's Northwestern offers one-week camp sessions for boys ages 11 to 16. Geared toward high-energy campers, the camp sessions include paintball, rock climbing and rappelling and archery. The camp helps your son improve his leadership skills, self-confidence, teamwork abilities and physical strength and endurance. The summer 2013 session included hunter safety courses; a tour of the USS Cobia, a restored world war two submarine; tours of law enforcement training schools, and a trip to the EAA AirVenture Convention. If your son is a scout, he can even earn merit badges for his participation.

Camp Matawa

An hour north of downtown Milwaukee, the YMCA's Camp Matawa takes kids out of the city so they can find themselves. The camp staff reports that previous campers have returned home more responsible and caring and better equipped to stand up for what's right. Matawa is a small camp that only takes a limited number of campers up to the age of 15. The camp helps your teen develop life skills so he can build positive relationships, be respectful and be more confident. Camp activities include climbing, equestrian, swimming, fishing, mountain biking and off-camp trips.

ChallenNGe Academy

This tuition-free program run by the National Guard helps teens change the direction of their lives. Suitable for older teens, ages 16 years and 9 months to just under 19, your child can volunteer for the program if he is more than a year behind on credits because of truancy, has been expelled or has dropped out of high school. Teens who are on adult parole or probation, or who are currently charged with a felony, do not qualify for the program. Your teen will earn a Wisconsin High School Equivalency Diploma while also working on job skills training; his physical fitness, health, hygiene and nutrition; how to be a responsible citizen; coping skills, and service to his community.

Wild Workouts & Wellness: Teen Wild Workout Program

Boot your teen up off of the couch and into an exercise program. Wild Workouts & Wellness offers an eight-week program created for kids ages 12 to 16. Your young athlete can improve his fitness, strength and agility levels while still having fun. The 45-minute sessions can also help improve his performance in his favorite sports. Best of all, if you have more than one teen, you can sign them both up for a sibling discount.

Summer Teen Boot Camps in South Carolina

Eagle Military Academy

Located in North Charleston, South Carolina, this boot camp will teach your teen discipline, wisdom, integrity and honor. The academy also places a heavy emphasis on academics, telling parents the qualified and trained staff will work to change your child's difficulties for the better. Eagle Military Academy offers a three-pronged approach in improving your teen physically, emotionally and spiritually by preparing him to be a future national leader.

Camden Military Academy

There are two summer boot camp programs available at Camden Military Academy for your teenage son. The high school program is open to boys who are entering grades nine to 12 and advertises a focus on academics, while the second option is open to boys entering grades six to nine and teaches teamwork and leadership. Although both programs differ in length, with the former lasting almost three weeks and the latter operating for one week, each follows roughly the same daily schedule in terms of breakfast, lunch and lights-out time.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot

In Parris, South Carolina, your teen will start off the 70-day program as a recruit and finish as a Marine, if he is successful. This program is a challenging one, beginning with Combat Conditioning and ending with "The Crucible," a 54-hour period of sleep and food deprivation and intense physical conditioning that culminates with a nine-mile march with full packs and personal equipment. During the three months of the MCRD, your teen will be trained in combat, pushed to excel in academics and taught leadership and teamwork skills.

SAT Boot Camp

A little different from the traditional idea of what comprises a boot camp, the SAT boot camp at Clemson University still applies the same concepts of discipline, dedication, hard work and willingness to succeed. Clemson University's boot camp requires that applicants be in the 10th grade, in the top 10 percent of their class, enrolled in an Advanced Placement curriculum at their high school and meet the early admission criteria required by Clemson University. The benefits of the SAT boot camp include access to financial aid, increased SAT scores and college enrollment.

Boot Camps for Overweight Teens in Orlando, Florida

Mind Body Fit Camp

As its name suggests, Mind Body Fit Camp in Winter Garden stresses an all-inclusive approach to weight loss, including learning to eat a healthful diet and exercise more, and finding ways to reduce stress and discovering internal motivation. Boot camps usually take place in four-week increments and include 45-minute classes. Classes meet every weekday, with options in the mornings and evenings, and participants are encouraged to attend at least three times a week for best results.

Nick Parker's Boot Camp

Nick Parker is a certified fitness trainer who has appeared on television and radio. His fitness philosophy focuses on burning fat at a faster rate by performing a more intense workout. He also focuses on individual body types to determine the best exercises for fast results. The 45-minute classes meet in Longwood and Lake Mary in the morning and evening. The boot camp is open-ended, so participants can determine the length of time needed to attend.

Forte Fitness

High-intensity interval training, kettle bell workouts, and flexibility training are just some of the features of this boot camp in Winter Park. Different programs are available, such as the 21-Day Belly Blast and the Little Black Dress Project, to meet different goals. Teens are welcome to join any program, and the workouts can be adjusted to meet individual goals. The program doesn't have a set length, so teens can participate for as long as needed to meet their weight-loss goals.

Not Your Average Boot Camp

Teen girls can sign up for this camp, which focuses on creating a comfortable and fun atmosphere. Classes meet in Maitland on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mornings and evenings and on Wednesdays in the evenings. All classes are 45 minutes, and participants can attend as many classes per week as they like for as many weeks as they like. Workouts involve a variety of exercises, from yoga to strength training, and a diet is recommended to accelerate fat loss.