Pressure on Kids in Sports

Enrolling your children in sports enables them to exercise social skills, build self-confidence and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Despite this, many children are routinely pressured to work harder, practice longer and be more competitive to win games instead of focusing on the positive aspects of playing sports.

Effects of Pressure

Playing sports can be intimidating and stressful for children, especially when pressured to win. If children aren't coming out of the game as winners, they may question their self-worth, especially if their coaches and parents express disappointment. Disinterest in the game or feeling overwhelmed may result in anxiety, disruptive behavior, poor attendance at games, and burnout.

Backing Off

It is important for your child to understand that their self-worth is not based on if they win or lose the game, states the American Academy of Pediatrics 1. Children should enroll in sports because they want to, not because someone else tells them to. Additionally, children should understand that the goal of sports is to learn from your mistakes and reach your full potential as a player and a teammate. There will be ups and downs in any sport, but the effort your child puts into the game and takes away from it is what will stick with them forever.